We have encountered a considerable amount of unrepaired pitchmarks on the green surfaces for some time now and with the surfaces softening of late, due to the persistent moisture, it is imperative that we try to assist with the surface health and presentation.

The average pitchmarks made by a golfer in one round is 8. If you base calculations on a 130 rounds per day as a guide, that’s 1040 pitchmark impressions daily and 31,000 per month or more than 374,400 per year.

Any unrepaired pitchmarks will most definitely detract from what we are trying to achieve in terms of surface levels or improved plant health. A repaired pitchmark will recover in 3 days and present an instantly level putting surface for other golfers.

We hand cut the greens through the winter months to provide improved putting surface levels by limiting tyre impressions, which would be created if we were to cut with triple mowers. As a result the green surface levels have greatly improved through this period and I would hope everyone has benefited from this.

An unrepaired pitch mark will be scalped by the hand mower, leaving the surrounding grass plants bruised and vulnerable to disease.

I thank you for your co-operation.

Course Manager